Does Kyle Bass Know the Future?

Some say the future can’t be predicted, but many don’t realize that the idea of prophecy in antiquity was merely pattern recognition. Old Testament prophets in the Bible merely recognized the trends in God’s creation, and saw where they would lead to negative or positive outcomes. God certainly spoke with them; but the ubiquity of their revelations were pattern recognition. This point is salient when one considers Kyle Bass.

While Kyle Bass is certainly no Ezekiel, he has had successful predictions vetted internationally based on the same methodological approach. It makes sense; Kyle Bass is a hedge fund manager currently centered in Texas, and hedge funds require cogent financiers to have a finger on the pulse of economic markets. Economic trends can be predicted and utilized to the benefit of a profiteer, provided the right “bets” are made. Kyle Bass made his world-famous “bet” against the United States economy in 2007. He predicted the sub-prime lending crisis that led to the economic collapse of 2008. As a result, millions the world over started paying strict attention to Bass and his blog.

Kyle went on to make further predictions. Not everything he’s said has been borne out by reality; however his predictions regarding Japan have, and currently he’s got his sights set on China. Bass has described the lending practices of Asian countries surrounding China as “aggressive”. He’s also noted that China’s own lending is monetarily in excess of the country’s Gross Domestic Product; and that by a substantial degree of magnitude. The end result Bass envisions is an economic implosion which will hit the entire Asian economy. He’s making his financial decisions based in this thinking, and it seems sensible to follow his advise on the issue.

But there are things that Bass has done which make his advice less trustworthy. For example, Bass set up an organization called The Coalition For Affordable Drugs. Ostensibly this coalition was put together in order to make it easier for afflicted patients to obtain necessary pharmaceuticals. The program lowered the value of stocks among a number of big pharmaceutical companies, and Bass profited from this. As a result, American politicians on both sides of the fence began scrambling to seal up the loophole; but it was already too late to stop Bass.

Furthermore, Bass has ties to Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. Kirchner is well-known in Argentinian circles for her socialistic tendencies, and many financiers watching Bass have been disturbed by his friendliness with this radical woman. Could that friendliness be a result of nationalism, or is it evidence of socialistic ideology?

It’s impossible to tell from a distance; so perhaps the best approach is to keep watch on both Kyle Bass and the Asian economy. If he’s right and it begins an implosion within the next several years, his financial advice is cogent. If he’s wrong, perhaps Bass was just a two-hit wonder.

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  1. Laylah Ryan says:

    No, no one knows the future but people can only determine the future to a large extent and with a body of meditation they can do more. To work on this, buying a research paper for college might just be the best bet for most people. I think Bass Kyle is one that is moving Asian economy with just identifying the areas that will grow and being well placed.