One Life To Live Remains Popular With Fans After Cancellation

The U.S. based soap opera ‘One Life To Live’ remains one of the most popular TV shows of the last few decades. This innovative soap opera has been remained popular for its mixture of sensational and socially conscious plots, which kept a dedicated audience entertained and informed for over 40 years. Located in the fictional community of Llanview close to Philadelphia the soap opera combined a range of characters from a variety of walks of life with plot lines that ranged from sensational to gritty realism. Upon its cancellation from network U.S. TV the show remained at the forefront of the innovations in the industry by switching to an Online streaming service.

‘One Life To Live’ has been the launching pad for many careers across Hollywood, many of which have seen actors become major international movie stars. One of the most popular characters in ‘One Life To Live’ in the 21st century was Stacy Morasco played by Crystal Hunt who remains popular with the fans on Facebook. After departing the soap opera in 2010 before returning to make a number of ghostly appearances the actress has been looking to make her mark on Hollywood, which resulted in a recent role as Lauren in ‘Magic Mike XXL’.

Crystal Hunt has not only been looking to continue and extend her career in front of the camera she has also been eager to extend her range of career and business opportunities as her CrunchBase portfolio shows. Hunt has developed a movie, ‘Talbot County’, as an executive producer and also looked to create and market a range of pet accessory products.

The role of Stacy Morasco allowed Crystal Hunt to show off her acting skills, build up her instagram following, and as the character showed the range of stories developed by the writers of ‘One Life To Live’. From the first development of the character as a stripper to a series of controversies, including a paternity storyline and a complex blackmail plot revolving around stem cell research. The range of characters and socially important story lines led to ‘One Life To Live’ claiming an important role in how television drama developed over the latter half of the 20th century.

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