Doe Deere Creates A New Cosmetics Brand With LimeCrime

LimeCrime is a name on the lips of many of those consumers who spend their time keeping up with the best products the cosmetics industry has to offer. The brand has become known for being one of the most innovative in the products it creates in a bold and creative way; the fact that all the products produced are created in an ethical and cruelty free way also brings many consumers to the products designed by founder Doe Deere. The cosmetics brand may be growing at a high level each quarter, but the founder still dedicates herself to research into new products in the labs of the company each day to maintain the highest levels of quality and service for all her customers.

Doe Deere has developed her own image and public persona in a bid to create a brand that reflects the image she has cultivated for herself. Deere has a large number of followers for her blogs and social media accounts, which have been used to develop a persona she has named the queen of the unicorns. These social media accounts have seen the brand grow to new levels of popularity, but the posts themselves cover much more than the products being created and provide advice for those who are looking to follow in her footsteps as entrepreneurs.

The use of social media and Online blogs has set Doe Deere apart from her rivals in the cosmetics industry.  Many larger companies are looking to follow the lead of LimeCrime’s Doe Deere by using social media and blogs for their marketing, but the founder of the brand has already perfected the use of this media to publicize her products and company.

Social media has become a major marketing tool for LimeCrime and has proven a perfect way of marketing products. Doe Deere has seen the interaction she has through her work with LimeCrime and her customers lead to new product innovations and a growth in the number of products being produced by the company for the loyal group of consumers.

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  1. Journee Curtis says:

    The customers of the brand are often some of the most loyal in the industry as they feel they have built a personal relationship with Doe Deere as she embarks on something of a revolution in the cosmetics industry. It might have worked the way in which had stipulated in their previous reports but something extremely wrong with the projects.