Bruce and Karen Levenson’s Seeds Grow into Center

A Leading Center for Philanthropic Studies The PR Newswire first reported this story abut the gift given by the Levensons that has sprouted and grown. Three years ago Bruce Levenson and Karen Levenson launched The Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership at the University of Maryland. This was actually launched with seed money from Bruce and Karen. The seed money had been followed up with a major gift from the Levensons. This seed has grown into a leading center. The center fosters and leads philanthropic studies in the Nation’s Capital. Innovative Courses and Programs This is a Center that features innovative courses and programs. These courses and programs have been noted as providing a dorm in which offers “living and learning” for incoming freshman who are taking courses at this Center. This school year is the first offer this dorm. There is also a completed abroad program. This was sponsored by the Center. 12 students were sent to India. These 12 students had the opportunity to focus on wildlife preservation, disabled, along with youth outreach. There are numerous University of Maryland students who will be participating in the DO GOOD CHALLENGE on ESPN. This is organized and funded by the Center. These courses and programs provide an interesting and exciting approach that does help international and local communities.

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