Helane Morrison: Leadership by Example

Women have only recently been given opportunities to assert more prominent roles in the corporate world and the financial field in general. That’s thanks in large part to respected faces such as Helane Morrison. As former San Francisco Director at the Securities and Exchange Commission, Helane who graduated with both a Journalism degree and a law degree, has made a major impact on the lives of many of us.

She is now a key, board-of-director member and counsel strategist at Hall Capital; a firm founded in 1994, with 150 employees and a big resourceful research team, based in San Francisco. The company specializes in forming investment portfolios with both a national and global clientele to take care of such things as endowments, foundations and multi-asset businesses. To see one of her cases in depth, check out the Google Book below.

Many of Helane’s seminars are sold out and the large crowds of women who go to listen and learn from her international prowess and experience, walk out with a new outlook on who they are and what they can do to make a positive social impact on the society in which they live. Such things as, how to set up asset-based strategies for clients with interests in both individual and institutional investments, is one department Hall Capital is very familiar with, moreover, the company makes sure that no extra fees are paid by their clients for the use of these services.

Helane believes that Hall Capital should move toward capital investments as long term opportunities, using a bottom-up approach to the research that is done regarding cash flow and asset management. Values are tolerated on volatility in present time, with a look into the future, including capital gain.

Morrison has helped her peers and critics alike to break the female mold; a pattern within society that must change the culture of imbalance regarding the role of women. The force that drives many women, is the style by which Morrison has been presenting her life work and image, and which has made her character stand out among those who know her and also those who have never met her. 

Morrison, one of the first woman directors, managed and enforced San Francisco’s Securities and Exchange Commission programs, including strengthening the presence of the agency in the financial world and supervision and implementation of investment strategies used by all firms within the area as well as those companies based in Alaska, Idaho, Washington, Montana, Oregon, Northern California and Nevada . 

Look into Helane’s entire work history by viewing her profile or adding her on LinkedIn.

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