Bruce Levenson And The Center The Center

is a short way of indicating The Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership at the University of Maryland. The parties most responsible for this organization are Bruce and Karen Levenson, who donated seed money several years ago and have donated in subsequent incidents since. The Center has grown and is continuing to grow. According to a recent PR Newsweek article, The Center put in a dormitory this year, and also recently sent twelve graduate students all the way to India. They were sent there in order to work with three separate NGOs focused on wildlife preservation, youth outreach, and the disabled. Bruce and Karen Levenson have created something that perpetually inculcates philanthropic value. Every year the center raises around twenty thousand dollars. According to the previously mentioned article, they raise $10,000 a semester in gifts which are then given to “worthy non-profit organizations”. The Center doesn’t just cater to undergraduate and graduate students, however. According to Bruce it was designed so that every single attending student could graduate “an informed and motivated philanthropist”. The Center has received national attention, and is considered one of the premiere philanthropic leadership programs in the country by many agencies in the nation’s capital; among them The Marriott Foundation and The Smithsonian. Karen and Bruce Levenson are exceptionally pleased with The Center. Karen has even shared her belief that, among philanthropic pursuits, this one has been their “most profound”. Bruce is most well-known as the owner of a prominent NBA team, but his philanthropic pursuits should eclipse that.

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