Catering To The 99 Percent

Brad Reifler is widely known as a serial entrepreneur. He is the founder and CEO of Forefront Management group, LLC. The management group has branched into other subsidiaries such as Forefront Capital Management, Forefront Advisory, and Forefront Capital Markets of which he is also the founder and chief executive. He started his career as a star trader for Refco, his grandfather’s company.

After a fine tenure at Refco, Reifler started his first company as his CrunchBase shows, Reifler Trading Company. The company did so well that is was eventually acquired by Refco in 2000. Later in his career Brad co-founded a global finance services firm called Pali Capital where he served as a chairman and CEO. His extensive resume grew as he became a director of Genesis Securities and European American Investment Bank.
An article on spoke about Brad Reifler and Forefront Income Trust. Brad explained to the website that this innovative investment fund was not like any other investment program because it caters to non-accredited investors. He says he has shifted his focus to the 99 percent who are overlooked, giving a viable opportunity to the middle class. “We have interesting nuance programs that can give clients liquidity which is what they want and a preferred eight percent return. We don’t make any money until they make back that eight percent,” says Reifler as he spoke about his brilliant new program. He started thinking about the program following the 2008 financial crisis, and after noticing the student debt in America which is now over $400 million. He says that he wants to bring this opportunity to everybody so that they can save for their futures.

His website makes it clear that the Bowdoin College graduate Bradley Reifler is a current partner at CIFCO International Group. His long list of jobs continue. He is the independent director, member of the audit committee, member of nominating committee, and member of compensation committee of Sino Mercury Acquisition Corporation. He is also the director of Wins Finance Holdings Inc., and the director of ROOT Exchange, Root Markets Inc, and ITG Market Research Inc. While he is holding a number of positions he still has time to give tips to the 99 percent of investors that may get overlooked.

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