Doe Deere Breaks the Rules and So Can You

Don’t wear this. Don’t mix that. We hear it all the time from magazines and TV, a litany of dos and don’ts when it comes to fashion and beauty. But bucking the trend doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. Self-appointed unicorn queen and CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics Doe Deere is at the forefront of rebelling against the rules.

Deere introduced Lime Crime in 2008, a colorful cruelty free makeup line that is all about breaking trends. Doe’s whole focus is on being creative with colors, so if anyone can buck the trend of those hard and fast fashion rules, it’s Doe Deere. She weighs in on the following seven rules and tells us why they’re okay to break.

Don’t Pair a Bold Eye with a Bold Lip

Deere says she breaks this rule daily. Instead of keeping the bold to one area of the face, like a smoky eye with nude lips or red lips with natural eye color, Doe loves pairing reds and blues together with her Blue Milk eyeliner on top and Red Velvet lip or her red-hued Venus eye shadow palette with a knock out Cry Baby blue lip.

Too Many Colors is a Crime

Doe Deere has been experimenting with color since she was little. Never one to be afraid to mix and match, she recommends simply coordinating the colors of your makeup, hair and clothes.

Stick to One Pattern

Not mixing too many patterns is another rule that Deere loves to break. Doe’s advice in mixing patterns together is to stay within the same color scheme or pick colors that are complimentary. Start with monochrome pieces and work your way into dazzling color from there.

Socks Don’t Go With Heels or Open-Toed Shoes

Doe Deere owns over 100 pairs of socks and tights, and she’s completely unapologetic when it comes to wearing them however she wants. “Why hide them behind covered shoes?” she says. Socks should be like any another accessory and the key to proper pairing according to Doe is to treat your shoes and socks like partners in crime…and colors.

You Can Only Wear Black and Neutral if You Color Your Hair Bold Colors

The trick to breaking this rule according to Doe is to focus on the intensity of the color. Pastel hair pairs beautifully with pale colors while deeper bolder colors do better with more saturated hues. The way the colors play off each other is important, so like the above rule breakers, color combinations are important.

Dress Your Age!

As if getting older wasn’t hard enough, now you have to worry about dressing appropriately for your age? Doe says no way. She cites Betsy Johnson, who’s still in her 70s, strutting down the runway in tutus and bold colors. If Betsy can do it, so you can you and Deere says that you simply liking what you’re wearing makes it appropriate.

Stick to Dressing for Occasions

Doe wants to enjoy her clothes and rarely saves outfits for a special occasion. “Everyone should wear whatever makes us feel our best.” A evening gown with a sweater thrown over it is perfectly fine for any time. The conclusion? Wear whatever makes you happy.

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