Sergio Cortes Shows The Benefits Of Planning For Emergency Situations

The 2013 flooding crisis that struck the area of Xerem in the state of Rio de Janeiro showed the benefits reaped from the early planning from state Secretary of Health Sergio Cortes. Extra reports the swell known doctor was amongst the first to visit the region and assist in assesssing the needs of the people of the region regarding their general health and well being. Under the leadership of Sergio Cortes the state of Rio de Janeiro had made a number of new appointments to key positions within the Health Departments who proved their skills in reacting to the natural disaster.

Sergio Cortes on crunchbase has always taken the view that being prepared for every eventuality is the best option for people when it comes to their health. Along with the large scale planning for the problems caused by natural disasters the medical expert also believes every individual should look to understand their own health and make changes to their lifestyle. Through his Twitter and Linkedin accounts Sergio Cortes provides a wide range of advice and tips to aid his growing number of followers in living a healthier lifestyle.

During the Xerem crisis Sergio Cortes had already created partnerships with members of the national disaster response agencies, which meant disaster response kits were available quickly to bring medicine and equipment to the region. The skills of the officials appointed by Sergio Cortes meant the use of the emergency response kits could be monitored, and further medicines and equipment called for when needed.

Over the course of the disaster in Xerem the Health department headed by Sergio Cortes made many changes to their response as the disaster unfolded. This pragmatic approach led to the establishment of a series of hydration centers providing much needed clean water for the people of the region. Alongside the creation of hydration centers Sergio Cortes initiated a series of testing procedures that allowed medical testing to be ongoing throughout the many problems being faced.  The approach undertaken by Sergio Cortes of and his officials made it easier for the situation in Xerem to be handled successfully.

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