Mike Paul the Reputation Doctor Partners With Management Reputation Company

Status Labs, the global digital reputation firm, announced a new board adviser that has joined their team today. Known by most as The Reputation Doctor, Mike Paul, will join the board and share his expertise as one of the leading crisis PR experts on the globe. As Status Labs continues to grow within the crisis management and public relations industries Paul will be able to offer the company his personal insight and counsel.

Founded by Darius Fisher, Status Labs utilizes content to help engage audiences and build a strong reputation for its clients. It also uses clients to help increase customer interaction with clients and their brand to help boost sales. Over just the last couple of years the company has grown exponentially proving that the Status Labs formula is effective.

The company is headquartered in Austin and has branch offices in Sao Paulo, San Francisco, and New York to help serve their many global clients. They work on PR and international marketing with their clients and create customized creative solutions in order to meet every client’s needs. Now with the addition of Mike Paul they will be able to maximize the creative solutions they craft for clients.

Fisher stated that having Paul join the advisory board is going to help them as they scale. He explained that their advisers have already helped the company conquer many business challenges, and he knows that as a young entrepreneur he has a lot to learn that others who have been in his spot know. He went on to state that Paul has created one of the strongest reputation management companies to date and he is excited to have him join Status Labs.

Paul remarked that Reputation Doctor LLC is very happy to be a partner because Status Labs engages in ethical and real online management which is a vital aspect of the industry moving forward. He added that there are many in the online reputation management industry that is not ethical, and Status Labs is the exact opposite of that. He can firmly represent Status Labs and recommend them because they have the highest values, strong character, and are a transparent firm.

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