Sunscreen and Sunglasses Help Protect Against Damage Jennifer Walden Explains

A real Board Certified Doctor that specializes in plastic surgery has her practice in Austin Texas. Jennifer Walden is a member of several prestigious societies. She has the Cosmetic Surgery Center in Austin Texas and is very successful in her endeavors. Impressively she graduated with Honors from the University of Texas. She worked in New York and moved back to Texas to be close to her family. Being a family person, she is happy to be where her children can grow up near her family.

Business is booming since Dr. Walden opened her office in Texas. Men and women both go to the office to be seen. She helps people with all types of problems. She can help and explain the Botox procedures as well as the procedures of plastic surgery. Her associates and her staff work very hard to keep clients healthy and happy. Jennifer gives of her time to charity and to speaking engagements. She loves to help others understand about her job and what they can do to take care of themselves.

Sometimes people do not take care of themselves. They spend hours and hours in the sun without sunscreen and they ruin their skin. Baking the skin is a socially acceptable practice because most people want to have some color. Burning the skin damages the skin. It is hard to get back what you lose. Doctors and plastic surgeons explain the benefits of using sunscreen and of protecting yourself from harsh sun rays. Just like sunglasses are good for protecting the eyes, sunscreen is good for protecting the skin. Beauty advice is available on the harpers bazaar article. Check out the suggestions from the professionals. Never go out without your sunscreen or your sunglasses. Jennifer Walden will take the time to explain the benefits of sunscreen. She will help you learn how to apply it better. She can help you with any skin damage you may have when you do stay in the sun too long.

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