Darius Fisher Talks About Keeping Employees

Darius Fisher is the president of Status Labs, a highly successful reputation management firm located in Austin, TX. A number of elements have to come together in order for any business to be successful. Fisher knows one of the most important elements is employee satisfaction. A business that is unable to retain its top employees won’t survive. In order to help out other budding small business, Fisher has written a solid article on increasing employee satisfaction in the workplace.

Simple steps can yield tremendous dividends for a company. Fisher suggests always detailing clear goals and rewards to employees. An example of this would be setting a threshold for productive work, and those who exceed those thresholds may be rewarded with a day off. There are many ways to rewards an employee, and all of those ways are sure to be appreciated. Employees do like to be acknowledged for their work.

Fisher also suggests that companies should take great steps to make sure all students are in the communications loop. When information is not circulated through an office in the proper manner, confusion, and other problems set in. With social media and so many other ways to get information across, there really is no reason not to institute a solid internal communications system. Doing so definitely will keep employees happy.

Giving an employee a raise when the added compensation is worth presenting is strongly suggested. Employees who are paid what they are worth are surely going to be motivated to remain loyal.

Darius Fisher is quick to note the costs of replacing a departing employee are enormous. The financial impact definitely can hurt the bottom line of an otherwise successful enterprise. A company is looking after its own best interests when taking steps to keep good employees in the fold.

Prior to running his own business, Fisher served as a copywriter and as a political consultant. He knows what things are like when working as an employee. His insights now transfer to his role as an executive, and from his new perch he has a lot of effective advice about keeping employees.

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