Potential NJ Transit Strike Causes Issues for Commuters

A stalemate in negotiations between the NJ Rail Transit and union members may lead to issues for residents of Devco (New Brunswick Development Corporation) properties who regularly use the line to commute between Manhattan and NJ, including the counties of Bergen, Passaic, Hudson and Morris. If a lockout or strike occurs next week, it is estimated 105,000 NJ residents who use the line will have to find alternative ways to get into Manhattan in order to work.

The stalemate is over negotiations in which Devco and the unions have demanded a deal that would give the employees an 18 percent pay raise over the next seven years, as well as retroactive pay from 2011, and a capped increase to their health insurance payments.

The NJ transit has made plans to increase their bus and ferry lines to accommodate some of the increased traffic if the rail employees go through with the strike. In addition, a number of private companies and transport providers have planned for their services to be at maximum capacity as people look for ways to get into the city. A spokesperson for Amtrak, however, has stated they have no plans to increase their current number of routes to make up for the difference.

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