A Healthier Coffee Offered By Organo Gold

Bernard Chua is an innovator that saw an opportunity and seized it. Mr. Chua worked for a spell with a number of different companies that dealt with marketing on a number of different levels. He took his experience with these companies to found OrganoGold. This company specializes in coffee and tea drinks that are made from Ganoderma Lucidum.

Ganoderma is referred to as the King of Herbs among the Chinese, which is where it is from. This herb revolutionizes the way we view and drink coffee. It tastes fantastic and has health benefits to boot. One major plus of ganoderma lucidum is that it boosts the immune system.

Imagine your morning cup of coffee reducing inflammation in your body and detoxing your system. What if it could also offer the added benefit of helping your body to absorb and use oxygen more effectively? There is probably no one who would not jump on the chance top have so many benefits from their morning cup of joe.

Well, Bernardo Chua has found a way to offer all these benefits in a coffee product that tastes great! They come in a variety of flavors as well. This product, Organo Gold also makes having that cup of coffee wherever it is desired easy as well. Mr. Chua made sure to design the coffee into sachels, just like tea.

Hot water and a cup will offer a great tasting, healthy cup of coffee. It is also easy to acquire Organo Gold Coffee and Tea. There are many distributors who offer sales through stores and catalogs. If this is not something one can find simply go online and place your order at their website.

Loving coffee no longer means having to limit oneself. The great benefits that can be gotten from Organo Gold Coffees make the experience delicious and healthy. Try all of their flavors for a new experience every time. Some flavors one can choose from include caffe latte, black coffee, hot chocolate and even mocha.

Organo gold also offers healthy teas for those who would prefer something other than coffee products. The teas also come in different flavors. Some of these flavors include green teas, red tea, and black tea. Their rich aromas and delicious taste make all hot beverages pale in comparison.

In his speeches Bernardo Chua identifies that he has found the key to living a little more healthy and enjoy it. Organo Gold coffee and teas are the perfect way to boost health and have a healthier life and enjoy the beverages one cannot live without.  Follow Bernie on Twitter for updates on where Organo is going next.

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