Thor Hlvorssen’s thoughts on Bernie Sanders’ Campaign

An individual’s upbringing and background plays fundamental role in shaping one’s ideologies and perspectives about life. The experiences that one goes through in their formative years are most likely to influence ones character and personality. Thor Halvorssen Mendoza is no exception to this. Thor’s inspiring advocacy for protection and raising awareness on human rights can be drawn from his father’s false imprisonment in the year 1993. Following his false imprisonment he was tortured and severely beaten. This was contrary to the provisions the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. His imprisonment attracted the attention of various human rights lobby groups such as Amnesty International who called for his eventual release. Thor’s personal experience with human rights violation was yet again reflected in the brutal death of his mother in the hands of Venezuelan security forces during a peaceful public demonstration in the year 2004. It can be said that this latest misfortune to befall Thor’s family was what pushed him towards establishing The Human Rights Foundation in the year 2005.

This background explains Thor’s stand on Bernie Sanders’ ideology of having the USA become a socialist state. Thor explains that socialism cannot work in the USA because there already exist human rights violations in the country. Socialist governments, according to him, can only exist in countries that are free of human rights violations. He feels that if this happens in the USA, those in power can take advantage of the people through various ways like looting from the people or setting unacceptable prices for goods in the market. Thor is of the thought that socialism, in itself, is a violation of human rights. The main problem with socialism, as he envisions it, cannot work when an authoritarian government takes power under socialist policies. He relates, quite closely, to the socialist government that existed in Venezuela where his mother and father experienced human rights violations.

Thor’s sentiments on socialism do not, however, mean that he is against Bernie Sanders himself. He actually says that he has personally made the largest contribution allowable to Bernie’s campaign. He says he would prefer a socialist government, at the moment, as opposed to leadership by a dictator. Find Thor on Facebook to learn about news and upcoming events.

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