Doe Deere Seeks To Avoid Sticking To The Well Known Fashion Rules

The popular rules of fashion have been in place for a number of years, but some of the new group of fashion designers are looking to work outside the rules the older generation of fashion experts believe we should all live by. One of these is Doe Deere, the founder of the fast growing LimeCrime brand, which offers fashion conscious cosmetics users the chance to enjoy a unique and innovative range of cosmetics products. Doe Deere believes we should all live by our own rules in doing what makes us feel comfortable and happy in our own skin.

Doe Deere has always looked outside the rules of the traditional fashion industry, which includes her own decision to seek out a different way of dressing and wearing cosmetics; Deere has established her own range of cosmetics under the LimeCrime brand she built around her own needs in terms of the way she wished to dress and be viewed by those around her. Deere has established herself on social media under the queen of the unicorns name that reflects her own cultural influences of mythology and her Russian ancestry.

Before beginning her career as a fashion industry expert Doe Deere followed many of the traditional ways of entering this area of business; her studies took her to New York where she was influenced by the wide range of cultures and styles she found in the city. Although Deere followed the traditional path towards a career in fashion she did not look to follow the traditional rules built up over the years, instead she looked to create her own cosmetics with bold colors and textures that suited her own needs.

In terms of makeup and cosmetics the work of Doe Deere has been of great importance to her followers who have spent a large amount of time seeking to follow her own style, including the teaming of various prints and patterns frowned upon by traditionalists when teamed together. Across the board Doe Deere rarely sticks to the dedicated rules of fashion, but will instead seek to develop her own sense of style that often sees her team bold cosmetics with strong hair colors. Deere believes everybody has the ability to decide on their own sense of style and seek out the fashionable options reflect their own personality.

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