FreedomPop’s CEO Discussing The Company’s Growth

RCR Wireless News has produced a YouTube interview with Stephen Stokols, the CEO of FreedomPop. The interview provides some incredible insights into the very intriguing startup company.

FreedomPop launched what many believed to be an audacious plan. The company would sell discounted phones that came with a totally free monthly allotment of phone, text, and data. FreedomPop does sell expanded subscription packages as well. The audacious plan was a hit. FreedomPop amassed one million subscribers in the United States. Soon the company ventured into the United Kingdom to further massive success.

Now, FreedomPop has raised $50 million in new funding. The funding, in part, is intended to help establish a massive Wi-Fi hotspot through 25 (eventually to be 40) countries. Doing so would eliminate roaming charges. Phone service would become incredible affordable to travelers as a result.

Stephen Stokols notes on the interview that the company seeks to become widely and globally appealing. The company is not engaging in overly-targeted niche marketing. FreedomPop offers a fantastic deal with its service. Stokols acknowledges the obvious. FreedomPop helps people save money. Saving money crosses all cultures.

Stokols also points out that upwards of half the buyers of FreedomPop’s free service quickly upgrade to expanded services. The costs of the expanded services are still reasonable, so the company still delivers amazing savings. No matter what market the company moves into, success seems unavoidable.

A press release heralding the interview appears on RCR Wireless. Seeing the full interview is definitely worth the time investment.

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