White Shark Media Appreciates Compliments And Complaints As Their Strategy To Move Forward


Trust your critics, and compliments with White Shark Media because that is what White Shark appreciates. The only way to develop is by receiving responses both good and bad from those that a company service is going to in this case a majority of small business owners. The ability to market products through ad words and online campaign improves day by day at White Shark because their esteemed clients have trusted them with their services and ability to handle problems experienced through renovations or giving immediate solutions if possible. For clients who complain that the company is not giving the required attention to them, White Shark came up with direct extension phone services where they can now reach their contact person anytime and all the time.

White Shark has also been receiving positive reviews for their ad words services and management in addition to their SEO services and local web development. Their staffs, in particular, are highly appreciated in reviews because thy help businesses without discrimination including the businesses with smaller accounts. They have helped small business managers achieve their dreams by boosting their sales radically. With more than 144 employees White Shark has received an improvement from many clients of how friendly and professional its employees handle each and every client’s call and ad word campaigns. For example, a client in Lake Land Smile Experts in Florida was grateful of how their dental office has increased sales to 1.5 million since white shark helped in their Google ad words campaigns. The client is even happy that the sales have boosted their company to opening a dew dental office.

Communication has been a major issue reviewed negatively by many small business managers. They were not getting enough contact with how their ad words were doing in the market and report. As a solution to this White Shark created monthly online meetings that are held on a large screen, and the clients are able to go through their ad words reports monthly and ask any question in relation to the reports. White Shark accepts that they are not perfect, and the clients are there to help them develop more campaign strategies that are effective for all. This is of course through retention of older strategies that businesses see as helpful in boosting their sales.

Client’s Reviews on White Shark Media are encouraged in all fields to form responsiveness, communication, quality of services, and value for money and achieved results. One of the major complaints is responsiveness and mismanagement of ad words an issue is well known to White Shark. Since they have handled other major problems, it would be much better if they respond quickly to clients and manage ad words more responsively. This is a small issue in comparison to the expertise of its employees who have been in the field for 2- 10 years and more.

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