Doe Deere Defies Fashion Rules

Doe Deere has never been one to keep her head down and follow the rules, especially when it comes to the two loves of her life, beauty and fashion. In a recent article for Bustle, Deere was able to give her personal take on traditional fashion and beauty rules, which she considers are meant to be broken by free spirited and happy women everywhere. The Bustle article includes a list of ten fashion rules just waiting to be broken, but one of the ones that stands out for Deere is that women are constantly told they must dress their age or appear inappropriate. Deere thinks this is just plain silly. Instead, she boldly encourages women to embrace whatever colors and styles make them feel best because their clothing should make them feel happy and full of life, not restricted and bound by a pointless convention. In this regard, Deere is not afraid to rock extremely bright colors or cartoonish prints, if the mood strikes her on that particular way. She is certainly blazing a trail so that her followers feel empowered to choose the same.

In 2008, Deere launched her very own makeup company, Lime Crime cosmetics. Since then, Lime Crime has developed quite the name for itself by being a pioneer in the cosmetics industry and not shying away from designing bold, powerful lines of cosmetics to match Deere’s sense of individuality and self expression. Before starting her own makeup company, Deere was designing, making and selling her own fashion designs online, which are true to her personal sense of style and flare for the exciting.

Deere is frequently asked for her advice to other free spirited women looking to branch out and start their own business ventures. Deere’s message stays true no matter what the audience or occasion. She thinks that it is critically important to support fellow female entrepreneurs, especially young women looking to leave their mark on the world in a big way. Deere thinks that following your passion and committing to making your own dreams come true is the real path to success in any field. Along with that, Deere encourages anyone she talks to about blazing their own trail that they should remain true to their values. Deere certainly models this in her own life, as Lime Crime has remained an animal cruelty-free cosmetics brand since it was founded and will always stay that way.

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