Wen by Chaz Effects on Fine Hair

Craving shiny, moisture loaded locks of hair? WEN may be the product for you. Emily McClure performed an experiment where she transitioned from regular shampoo and conditioner to Wen. Her hair went through an adjustment period, but after a week, her hair ended up thick and full or moisture. She noted that on her first use her hair felt thicker and she noticed less hair loss. That’s always a plus for those wanting thicker and stronger hair. Throughout the week, she even noted that she received compliments from her facebook friends on how shiny her hair was! McClure recommends this product for those wanting softer, shinier, and stronger hair. Even with her fine hair, the product still worked as it said.

Wen is a more natural product, free of sulfates, that doesn’t lather, but still cleanses your hair. The great aspect about this product is that it doesn’t strip your hair’s natural oils. It won’t dry out your hair. Chaz’s goal is for you to get shinier, bouncier hair through natural products that actually allow hair to become healthier and stronger. Don’t let them tell you what it does, though. Many people love what Wen by Chaz Dean has done to their hair. WEN has a 4 out of 5 rating on Ebay.com by users and many people speak highly of the product. Users rave that their damaged hair has finally been cured and that they now have manageable, shiny hair.




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