George Soros’ Shares Views on EU/Turkey Refugee Plan

Investor, businessman, hedge fund owner and commentator George Soros is a voice that is often listened to carefully. Soros correctly predicted the magnitude of the looming 2008 economic meltdown well in advance of the event, and his prescient views on other political and economic situations on caught the attention of many leaders in the financial and political realm.

There’s no question that George Soros is a man who knows his business (he is a mult-billionaire) and knows the political ins and outs taking place on the world stage very well. Due to this, Soros’ recent article in on the refugee situation in Europe has been garnering a lot of attention.

It is Soros’ view that the recent agreement hammered out between Turkey and the EU during talks on lead to an unworkable solution. According to Soros, the fact is that the agreement is seriously underfunded, and it is less a “European” plan than one foisted on Turkey by German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Moreover, the plan is flawed in that it demands that refugees move involuntarily to countries they do not wish to go to. It also demands that those who have come to Europe now must leave. All of this, says George Soros, will lead to great problems in the future, and one of the biggest issues is that Greece is now expected to take on a large refugee population without having the means to handle it.

What then, is the solution? George Soros proposes that a fund of $34 billion annually is what is realistically needed to handle the refugee situation. Though this is a large number, he contends that without funding, the problem will grow into a human rights tragedy of massive proportions.

Will the EU follow Soros’ instructions? Only time will tell, but the hope is that the European leaders will work together to build a constructive plan and to raise the needed funds to care for the growing refugee population, before the situation becomes even more unstable.

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