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Coachella is art at it’s best. Held in Indio, CA this music and arts festival is the trendy loving bohemian event of the year. With music concerts encompassing all genre’s and art installations, this is the scene to be seen at. The art is also worn throughout the festival on the hair and faces of the crowds coming and going. The big trend for hair this year was definitely braids. With the heat in the desert of California, it was a mix of fashion and comfort. From pigtail braids, to dutch, fishtail, and yes even cornrows. What stood out most was the tips of hair dipped with color. A lot of pinks and purples were seen on the ends of all hairstyles.
Makeup was simple and unstated at Coachella with bold lips and the standard winged eye. What stood out most was the use of jewels and removable body tattoos. Bindi jewels were used quite a bit as face jewelry and sparkled in the spring sunshine or under the lights at night. A real Bohemian look were the metallic tattoos as bracelets, feathers, and embellishments on bodies throughout the festival. The looks at Coachella were effortless and simple yet young and cool like the crowds.
When it comes to hair colors and makeup youtube star Wengie is the blogger to watch. Wengie makes videos showing the latest in hair and makeup trends and tutorials on how to accomplish the looks at home. Based out of Australia, Wengie has over one million subscribers on her youtube channel. She is constantly trying new products, comparing different cultures makeup and hair products, and teaching what she learns. A great way to get ready for the next festival is to visit Wengie’s youtube channel and start learning the latest in beauty.

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