Don’t Let False, Negative Reviews Cost You Your Business Anymore

Online reviews about businesses is both good and also detrimental for the business depending on the nature of the reviews. Customers usually write their comments and opinions concerning the services offered by businesses on online review sites such as TripAdvisor, Yelp, Google+ and Facebook. Customers looking for say a restaurant usually access these sites to check the experiences of patrons who have visited the particular restaurant before. While some reviews are honest, some are not. Many anonymous online reviewers usually write negative reviews about a product which are not true. Take for example the case of a certain businessman who made 512 reviews in 2013 alone making him one of ‘top reviewers’ in TripAdvisor. He was however accused of threatening a restaurant that if they don’t give him free food, drinks and discounts, he would write negative reviews about them.

What business owners should understand is that negative reviews are very detrimental to the growth of your business. Various studies have shown that review rating is proportional to increase in revenues of a business. One star increase was found to potentially increase revenues by five to nine percent. It is therefore very important for a business to protect itself from the tainting of its image by malicious reviewers.

Businesses have tried various ways to guard their reputation. For instance, most have instituted defamation lawsuits against those who write false reviews with the aim of misleading potential customers. In most cases, this is not a permanent solution and your business may be busy all the times litigating other than doing business. The negative reviews will still affect the reputation of your business even if you win the case. The best solution to protect your business is preventing these false negative reviews from ever reaching your potential customers. Bury Bad Articles does this perfectly well.

The professionals here understand very well how bad press can cost you sales. They are dedicated to help you find a lasting solution to what has been dragging the growth of your business. They know very well how negative press, negative reviews and other negative feedback can permanently taint the reputation of your business. They are there to help remove negative reviews.

They have conducted a research which has revealed shocking impacts of any kind of negative feedback. According to the research, a single negative research can make you lose up to 22% of potential customers. Three of them will make you lose almost 60% while more than four will cost you 70% of potential customers. This is because most customers are attracted to businesses with no negative reviews.

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