SKOUT Releases New Features


PR Newswire recently posted an article on the exciting start of a new parntership wtih the Make-A-Wish Greater Bay Area organization. SKOUT is a global app that helps people expand their social circles by helping them make connections with new people through the app. SKOUT also features a gift-giving option within the app to allow users to give to their friends. SKOUT announced that in celebration of its partnership with and support of the Make-A-Wish Greater Bay Area organization, every time that a SKOUT app user gives a super hero-themed gift to another user within the app, SKOUT will donate to the Make-A-Wish Greater Bay Area organization to the extend of fully funding a special wish. When asked about how he thinks this new philanthropic initiative by SKOUT will take off, Christian Wiklund, the co-founder and CEO of SKOUT, responded that he thinks the app users will love their option to both give to their friends and help out the larger community as well.

In this latest charity partnership by SKOUT, the company hopes to send the message far and wide that anyone can be a super hero in helping others. Thanks to the amazing work of the Make-A-Wish Greater Bay Area organization, SKOUT users can be a part of a project much bigger than themselves and support an organization that has been doing amazing work in the Greater Bay Area for many years now. Since the Make-A-Wish Greater Bay Area organization was founded in 1984, it has granted more than 7,200 wishes to very deserving recipients. Although the Make-A-Wish Greater Bay Area organization has done phenomenal work so far, its ultimate goal is to be able to eventually grant a wish to every eligible child in the region that it services.

While the Make-A-Wish Greater Bay Area organization has a regional reach, SKOUT complements the organization with a wide global footprint. SKOUT has a presence in more than 180 countries around the world and is presently offered in 16 languages. SKOUT has its headquarters in San Francisco and was founded in 2007. Since then, the app has become the largest global app for meeting new people all over the world. It has grown at an impressive rate since it was founded. With an incredibly talented an experienced staff of experts, SKOUT is poised to continue its current rapid growth and remain an innovator for many years to come.

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