Achievements of Alexei Beltyukov

Despite being a trained doctor Alexei Beltyukov switched to the financial sector and studied business at INSEAD Business school and successfully graduated with his MBA. After school he successfully ventured into business formation and management. He did not seek any form of employment but was driven to become his own boss. In 2007 he started and developed A-Venture Ltd which focused on the energy sector with emphasis on new Gas technologies. It had an asset base of over $ 400 million in management in the energy sector. The company had its hands in car repair and utilization of petroleum gas. He founded a very successful Rail car business company that has over 1000 rail cars operating under it.

He later moved to Renova Project which was under the management of a parent company known as the Renova Group. He was the company’s CEO and head of investment branch. It was here that he polished and sharpened his knowledge on investment and enterprise. He later moved to Brunswick in 2003 where he acted as Vice President and head of strategy and business development. His role was to introduce investors to potential hedge fund managers.

He is an educationalist and would like to ensure that every child gets quality education. In April 2015 he starred and commented on the Educator Day at Edsurge tech conference in LA. Through his new development teaching software, dubbed Solvy he seeks to better and promote education throughout the world.

In 2013 he formed another capital venture company known as Endemic Venture. The company focuses on Angel investment which has provided a lot of investment and capital rising opportunities to many people.

He has been recognized by the Russian government and offered a position as an economic guidance counsel. He works at the Skolkovo Foundation which he uses as a medium to help other companies to develop and join the big league companies. The foundation is not limited to indigenous Russian but also to other individuals who are interested in investing in Russia.

He was a key in the formation of INSEAD scholarship program. He rallied other students from the school and convinced them to form a scholarship program which has seen countless Russian students get an opportunity to join the prestigious school. This is a clear indication of his feelings towards education and battering the lives of others. His success comes from his dedication and hard work. His entrepreneur skills have made him a house hold name in the investment industry.

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