Learn A Bit About Author Michael Zomber

Michael Zomber is a historical fiction author and weapon collector from the East Coast. He was born in Washington D.C., and now resides outside Philadelphia with his wife and children. Michael holds a master’s degree and bachelor’s degree in English Literature, and he also holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology.

Zomber loves to tell a good story to his audience, and his resume includes screenplays, historical novels and non-fiction work. He is the author of Shogun Iemitsu, Betsy That’s Me: A Child of the Civil War and Jesus and the Samurai. Zomber likes to keep the setting, characters and facts authentic when working on his historical fiction novels. He also entered the world of film with his documentary titled Soul of the Samurai. This film is about six individuals from various countries who are passionate in the samurai culture and Zen Buddhism. Soul of the Samurai is associated with his company Renascent Films LLC.

As a part of his passion for history, Michael Zomber has been collecting Japanese samurai swords and armor for over 40 years. His mission to is preserve history by collecting, protecting and selling antique arms. He hopes anyone purchasing the items from him will keep them in their original condition. Zomber is an expert in arms and armors from various countries, such as Japan, Europe and America. He is also known as an expert on Japanese samurai swords.

Zomber has shared his expertise by making appearances on the Tales of the Gun series and History of the Gun, which are television shows played on The History Channel and A&E channel. Zomber is known for his love of writing, film, history and antique arms and armors. He also enjoys art, social justice, hiking, horseback riding and tennis. Fans can learn more about his interests, expertise and work by visiting his official website and Facebook page.

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