The Manse on Marsh an Ideal Home

Our elderly relatives need care and attention that we may not be able to provide fully because we are busy with work or other reasons. Therefore, most people opt to find residential areas that can accommodate and provided much-needed services and assistance for them. One of these residential areas is The Manse on Marsh. The Manse on Marsh is a living community located on the central coast of California specifically in San Luis Obispo. It has been in operation for around 15 years with Chris Skiff managing transactions and developments. The Manse on Marsh is a licensed independent, assisted living area that offers comfort and privacy for residents. This independent community offers senior citizens some choices in living facilities keeping in mind everyone have different preferences. The overall combination of what the residents might need is provided in one area making the Manse on Marsh an ideal home.

The Manse has several different apartments and cottages with a common dining place where they serve meals prepared by a chef. Individual care is offered to the residents who may need some assistance on a daily basis. Among the many comforts offered, some of them include the following; a patio area where residents can relax outside, a sitting room where they can interact, read or just relax, a movie theater for entertainment, a fitness center as keeping fit is important, a hair salon and an internet computer library. Space, comfort, and elegance are a huge consideration at the Manse on Marsh.

A calendar of numerous outings for the residents is provided at The Manse. Different programs and activities are also offered to mitigate boredom and keep residents occupied with something to do. They have; yoga, book clubs, religious services, art and craft, game and music. Cleaning services are also offered at the manse whether its laundry, housekeeping or others. Guests visiting relatives or friends at The Manse on Marsh are allowed to stay overnight and even attend meals. Conveniently, there is a large parking lot provided for the guests. Management at the Manse understands that some people are animal lovers who keep pets at home; therefore, there are no restrictions and pets are allowed. The Manse on Marsh is run in a way to ensure residents are comfortable and happy.  Check out The Manse On Marsh at Twitter, where they post constant updates about the facility.

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