Could FreedomPop Take Over the Mobile World?

FreedomPop is “a mobile virtual network operator” or MVNO. They offer SIM cards with 200 texts, 200 minute and 200 MB of data, completely free of charge. It works with either WiFi or your currently existing data plan and even gives you a real US phone number. FreedomPop can run on phones or tablets, has no contracts, up-front costs or hidden fees. Unlike other free texting and calling apps, FreedomPop doesn’t even have ads or spam!

What could possibly be better than that? Well, FreedomPop will soon be providing its users with zero-rated access to WhatsApp, meaning that WhatsApp will be free to use, regardless of your remaining data.

WhatsApp also uses the internet to provide you with free SMS, MMS and calling. There is no need for a username or pin and WhatsApp can be accessed through a computer. It even connects to your phones already existing address book and has a group chat feature. With WhatsApp, you stay logged in so you don’t miss any important messages or calls. Also, any messages you receive while your phone is turned off are saved until the next time you access WhatsApp.

This service will be available in Spain within the next few months; however, they hope to be able to provide this service in other countries later on.

What FreedomPop is doing is truly unique because they are providing users with access to WhatsApp, without formally partnering with WhatsApp or Facebook, who owns Whatsapp.

This service has the potential to completely change the mobile world as we know it. With 200 free texts, 200 free minutes and 200 free MB of data, light users may never have to pay for phone service again.

Would you trade your current phone service for FreedomPop and their zero-rated WhatsApp access?

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Other information about WhatsApp and FreedomPop can be found in their app descriptions on the Google Play Store or the Apple Store.

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