An Austin Girl Comes Home

People need to have internal drive to enable them manage their education, career and the well-being of their family. You also need a personality to be able to manage all the above and yourself over a long time, not just months or years. Dr. Jennifer Walden is one of the 24 best United States beauty surgeons according to Harper’s Bazaar magazine. Dr. Jennifer has it all. The doctor is an acknowledged leader in her field. She went for training with the cream cosmetic surgeons in New York City then went back to her hometown in Austin where she established successful practice. She serves in the board of American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. The most amazing thing is that she is the only lady who has ever been on that board. Interestingly enough, Dr. Jennifer has two beautiful kids and a number of siblings who are successful too in other fields. Assertive and strong She is a brilliant lady, successful and beautiful. She is warm, friendly and never intimidating. She is always busy but you will never find her rushed, she controls all aspects in her office and her OR but she is never harsh. The doctor always has a line of patients waiting to receive her services. Her eyes full of mother’s love when showing photos of her twin sons. She got here by working hard as well as being intelligence. Her deep Austin roots Walden was born in Austin where she also grew up. Her mother was a surgical burse while her late father was a dentist. She grew up in a family of five kids. Her mother inspires her as she says she is her role model. According to Dr. Walden, being surgeon is sometimes easier than being a mother because kids can be unpredictable. Starting over and making it When she went back to Austin, Walden had to start over again. However, she acknowledges that with the support of her mother, family members and nannies she was able to effectively reestablish her business. The practice has grown beyond expectations in less than three years. About Jennifer Walden She attended Texas Medical Branch in New York City. Walden later graduated in 1998. Walden specializes in cosmetic surgery. She is an active member of American society of Plastic Surgeons. Walden owns her own enterprise known as Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center. The center is accredited and she operates it herself.


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