Digitalized Education Platform that Brings Classroom Closer to Parents

ClassDojo is an online Platform that allows millions of teachers and students to engage in one podium to build an active strategic culture with classroom and school that will be able to be used in knowing specific behavior feedback. The Platform offers to showcase the important of aspects like students’ persistence, Interest, and students-teacher teamwork. Teachers can provide solutions feedback to most challenging issues that students come across especially in the course of their studied.
To reach more schools globally, ClassDojo has invested massive on the platform an amount of $21 Million in successions to enable tutors to students’ parents. The Parents can get updates of their children activities, both Social and educational enhancement in school. ClassDojo is, therefore, acting as a bridge between Parents and the School by creating a communication platform. Parents find an opportunity to monitor almost everyday activities and experiences of their kids in school rather than waiting for closure at end semesters to engage in a real meeting.
The Communication Platform empowers parents and teachers to be able to improve students’ performance and persistence in taking their classes and meeting students in one –on-one session with educators. The Podium makes it simple for a kid to express their interest in the program. ClassDojo targets global market and especially level 8th-grade students in kindergarten classes.
Sam Chaudhary and Liam are the Co-Founders of ClassDojo, who have invested heavily in acquiring more schools in the system in effort of bringing Ground-Up change in education Sector. They devised the App by developing features that will be useful even at home by the kids and Parents. The features will enable parents back at home to support in guiding learning discussion between the tutor and the Students. ClassDojo keeps the track of student’s activities that are known to parents daily by sending photos and videos of the happenings in school and contribution in different activities
ClassDojo was established in the year 2011 with an ambition to transform education sector into digitalized Curriculum with grade books and User-friendly Podium. ClassDojo has reached over 85,000 teachers within both private and public schools in the United States and 180 schools in other countries, creating a community of active culture where classrooms came closer to parents. Thus, making ClassDojo ahead in the global market against their competitors like Remind, Kickboard, and FreshGrade.


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