Visionary in Reputation Management: Darius Fisher

Darius Fisher, president of Status Labs, talks to his interviewer on Secrets to Success series about how he has been successful as a business man and entrepreneur in starting his online reputation management firm. His key to success has been focusing on growth and the quickest way to make money. He cautions anyone wanting to start a small business to stay away from anything that doesn’t contribute to being profitable. Many small business people look to him and his success as an inspiration for their own success.


Status Labs has been a major success for Darius Fisher who is a leader in the field of online reputation management. His company has helped high powered and high profiled clients to fix their tarnished reputations because of skewed media. One big piece of advice he has for those in the spotlight: preparation. Many times when one bad news story comes out, it is the focus of their attention. If there is not enough good press out, then the bad story takes over.


This lack of preparation on their part has made Darius Fisher successful. Through the creation of new content and other methods, his company helps to repair the reputations of his client. He releases information on that person’s achievements or awards to take the focus away from personal matters that do not have any bearing on business. He stays true to his philosophy of focusing on growth and staying away from the nonsense that doesn’t matter. He helps his clients regain their reputation and become profitable again.

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