Lufthansa Announces Suspension of Flights to Venezuela

Venezuelans who wish to travel abroad now have yet another hurdle to deal with. Lufthansa, one of the biggest European airlines has recently announced that they will stop service to the country. Starting on June 17, all flights in and out of Venezuela will be suspended indefinitely.
According to Lufthansa spokesperson David Osio, the company has made the decision due to insufficient demand and problems converting the Venezuelan bolivar into hard currency.

The economic situation in the country has deteriorated during the last two years, mainly due to the fact that Venezuela relies heavily on oil exports for revenue in a period where oil prices are at all-time lows. Many businesses in the country, both local enterprises and divisions of multinational companies, have either curtailed their operations or shut down entirely. This has led to a drop in the amount of business travelers added Osio. A large number of Venezuelans are finding it hard to afford even basic necessities for daily life, such as food, medicine and spare parts for cars, making international travel for pleasure a luxury that only the upper class can afford.

Other airlines, including Delta, American Airlines, Alitalia and Air Canada have announced reductions or suspensions of Venezuelan flights. All of them have mentioned the difficulty of converting funds received from Venezuelan passengers into foreign currencies as one of the factors that influences their decisions.

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