Lime Crime Continues Its Impressive Social Media Campaigns

The innovative cosmetics brand Lime Crime has recently looked to celebrate reaching the amazing figure of two million Instagram followers inspired by CEO and founder Doe Deere. Over the course of the eight years the brand has been in business a series of innovative options have been introduced by the technology savvy management and staff of this cruelty free makeup company; Doe Deere has been a major innovator during the course of the social media campaigns launched by the company often headed by Deere herself under her “Unicorn Queen” persona started on her blog.

Instagram has played a major part in the advertising campaigns of the Lime Crime brand, but also plays an important role in the community that has sprung up over the course of the life of Lime Crime. The social media platform plays a role in bringing together the users of the bold and distinctive cosmetics launched by Doe Deere in her bid to find cosmetics to suit her own needs and those of the models for her brand.

Doe Deere maintains tight control of the advertising materials produced by Lime Crime and makes sure signature looks are always available for her Instagram followers to view and attempt to recreate; the major contributions made to the Instagram account of Lime Crime largely come from customers who produce their own looks using the products created and submit them under the hashtag Lime Crime. The Instagram account of Lime Crime has become a major way for Deere and her staff to keep up with which looks are loved and provide ideas on how the company can move forward in the future. The photos submitted to Lime Crime’s Instagram account are often used by the entire community to source the products customers hope to buy and recreate the best possible looks the company has produced.  Check out the offerings on Doll’s Kill, as well as the entire Velvetines line on

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