Skout’s Potato Chip Survey

Originally reported on the PR Newswire, Skout had their own survey in honor of National Potato Chip Day. Skout surveyed more than 3,000 of its users in the U.S. and found that the type of potato chips that you like, could indicate other things about you!

The most popular of the bunch seems to be the Lime/Citrus chip fans, as 42% of them have five or more close friends. The spicy chip eaters were found to be more spicy in other areas, 47% of them claimed to be adventurous in the bedroom. Not surprisingly, those who liked low or no salt chips were gym enthusiasts with 14% of them exercising everyday. On the other hand, those who were least likely to exercise preferred plain or cheddar chips at 28% and 26%.

Skout surveyed to see what late night comedian would people most want to share a bag of chips with, Jimmy Fallon won with 39% of the vote followed by Jimmy Kimmel at 22%, Stephen Colbert at 12%, Seth Meyers at 11% and Trevor Noah, John Oliver and James Corden all below 10%.

The chip survey covered politics as well, when given the option of the democratic candidates 57% reported that they would share a bag of chips with Hillary Clinton and 43% said Bernie Sanders. When asked about the republican candidates, people were more likely to want to share a bag with Donald Trump who got the most votes at 33%.

With the republican candidates, each candidate seemed to have their own flavor since their fans generally liked the same chip types. Donald Trump fans like BBQ chips, Marco Rubio fans preferred Lime/Citrus chips, Ted Cruz fans liked Cheddar chips and John Kasich fans were most likely to prefer No/Low salt chips.

For National Potato Chip Day, Skout partnered with SF-Marin Food Bank. On March 14th, whenever a Skout user gave another a potato chip sticker within the app, Skout would make a cash donation until the goal of serving 20,000 people facing hunger had been met.

The survey was taken between February 12th-17th, 2016 in a group of 3,046 Skout users in the U.S.

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