Man’s Best Friend Deserves the Best Dog Food Can Buy

If you are like most people you want to give your canine the very best there is. Our endeared and playful dogs go a step beyond the simple definition of family pet to become a full pledge member of the household in which they reside. They have a way of stealing your heart and choosing the food that is best for them is an important decision.
Beneful is one of the biggest players in the dog food industry and rightly so. Purinatore the maker of Beneful, have countless varieties of food and treats to choose from. With real beef and chicken listed as their number one ingredient you don’t have to worry about huge amounts of by products that are used as fillers in so many other pet foods.

Beneful originals is one of the most popular varieties available on Wal-Mart. It comes in chicken, beef and salmon varieties. All three have between a four and five star customer review rating. It consists of a real farm raised protein, mixed with whole grains and vegetable accents. Any one of them would be a solid pet food choice.

They also have a healthy weight and healthy puppy selection available. The healthy weight alternative has all the same benefits of the originals recipe only with 10% fewer calories. The healthy puppy option includes the originals recipe with DHA added for healthy, growing puppies.

The assortments listed above are all dry dog food varieties. There is wet dog food available as well that lets you branch out into several different flavor options. These are found in the Beneful Chopped Blends. They include a medley of several different ingredients that start with the staple of either beef, chicken or salmon but then go on to include tomato, carrot and wild rice.

There are many other flavor options and treats [see,] available as well. Stop by the website and take a look. Your pet will thank you and you can rest easy knowing you are giving them the very best.


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