White Shark Media Blogs About Customer Concerns

Based out of Miami, FL, White Shark Media has made its services available to clients throughout the United States. The company serves those interested in expanding their pay per click marketing potential through the management of AdWords campaigns. AdWords provide a relatively low cost to engage in and have the potential to return decent-to-significant profits. This is why both Google and Bing AdWords draw in businesses of all sizes and scopes.

White Shark Media has brought in a number of customers. As the testimonials for the company prove, many are very pleased with the amazing service they received. The ability to generate strong revenue streams has absolutely led many to feel the way they do.

White Shark Media wants all its customers to feel thrilled with their experiences working with the company. An AdWords campaign can be complicated, but the professionals at White Shark Media are more than capable of “running the show” with exceptional purpose. Things do not always go smoothly with complicated and complex processes. A few complaints were lodged, but the company has worked very hard at fixing the problems customers have experienced.

An early complaint customers had about the company was it failed to keep customers up to date on what is going on with a campaign. Customers do get a little nervous about not hearing news because they do want to see how their campaign is working.

White Shark Media opted to establish a host of new policies regarding internal and external communications. Customers are able to stay on top of their campaign through monthly online video streaming and better direct access to the company’s staff.  Read more: http://www.whitesharkmedia.com and http://blog.whitesharkmedia.com/typical-complaints-from-white-shark-media-clients-and-how-we-make-sure-they-never-happen-again

White Shark Media has also worked on developing better tracking of customers who are coming through the phone and not the internet. Confusion abounds when customers see ads and, instead of clicking on them, perform an online search to talk to the company directly.

All leads are appreciated, but a lack of phone tracking makes it difficult to determine which leads are coming from the AdWords ads and the other sources. White Shark Media now has a phone tracking system in place to provide the most accurate and up-to-date statistics available on phone inquiries.

White Shark Media has shown a capability to deal with customer complaints. The company underscores its commitment to those who seek its professional assistance.


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