Big-Time Hedge Fund Investor Kyle Bass Likes Hillary Clinton For President

Hillary Clinton has some very rich friends on Wall Street. One of those friends, Kyle Bass, is singing the praises of Mrs. Clinton for a variety of reasons. The first reason is Bass will continue investing money through his hedge fund firm Hayman Capital without worrying about an extraordinary amount of government intervention. The other reasons are irrelevant to Bass. Bass is all about making money.

Bass earned a star on the Wall Street Walk of Fame when he bet the subprime mortgage scheme was going to fall apart in 2008. Bass was a Bear Stearns executive, but he left the company in 2006 and formed Hayman Capital. Hayman Capital was a small investment firm in 2006, but when the market went to hell, Hayman Capital became one of the investment saviors that knew where the true light of successful investing was coming from. According to investors that knew Kyle Bass, he was the light and the way to riches eight years ago, and he has been walking on water ever since then.

But Kyle has had a run of “bad luck” lately. Some investors don’t call it “bad luck,” however. They call it stupid choices. And the list of Bass stupid choices keeps getting bigger. He felt a wave of anger from his peers when he sided with Argentina’s President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner when she decided to cheat several hedge funds out of their money by defaulting on the country’s debt bonds. Bass said the hedge funds were taking advantage of the poor people in Argentina. When General Motors was caught with faulty airbags and steering mechanisms in some of their models, Bass sided with GM and against the victims that died in the accidents caused by those malfunctions. Bass and his hedge fund were the largest shareholders in GM at the time.

The latest adventure that is creating a lot of negative press for Bass is his drug investments. Bass is betting drug stocks will drop when they are investigated for overcharging for certain medications. Bass gets inside information before those companies are investigated. But Bass doesn’t think that’s wrong. He says the drug companies take advantage of people when they need certain drugs.

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