RPS Solutions is Making Progress in Baltimore

Kevin Seawright is a brilliant man. Many years ago, he was hired by the city of Baltimore to turn their Department of Aging around. He quickly turned the Department of Aging into the best department within the city government. He then turned his attention to the Baltimore housing market. He knew this market had great potential because Baltimore is a beautiful city, but the housing market throughout the city was struggling.

Kevin knew something had to be done, so he started a partnership between the city and RPS Solutions. RPS Solutions is a company that is committed to helping construct and renovate affordable homes. They have been in operation since 2015, and their top priority is to increase home ownership throughout the city of Baltimore. When RPS began their project many people throughout Baltimore seriously doubted their potential, but Seawright had faith in the project. Recently, Kevin told WorldClassMagazines that his belief in the project was vindicated.

Recently, RPS Solutions announced that they were making major inroads throughout Baltimore. Their original goal was to raise the home ownership rate throughout the city above 48.3% and to increase the quality of life for people throughout the city. Their first major project was the Belvedere Square community.

The Belvedere Square community was the first target for RPS Solutions for several major reasons. The community was fairly large and it was also slightly run down. Many people felt that the Belvedere community could never recover, but RPS Solutions believed in it.

RPS Solutions put their best effort into revitalizing the Belvedere community. They made the housing affordable and beautiful. The program was a great success, and Kevin Seawright recently had the pleasure of announcing that the Belvedere community was now full. Kevin is extremely proud of the growth in the Belvedere community, but he sees it as just a starting point. Baltimore still has a great deal of room for improvement, but Belvedere is a fantastic test case.

Baltimore needs revitalization, and Kevin Seawright is up to the task. He is constantly working to improve the city, and his work with RPS Solutions is helping the city recover.  Check him out on SoundCloud for another side of Seawright.

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