Doe Deere Is Playing with Looks Even More Than Usual


Doe Deere is one of those women who has an almost doll like quality to her appearance. She’s a leading figure within the cosmetic and fashion world. And this has translated into an ability to finely craft her appearance into a variety of different looks. And as one might expect from a cosmetic genius, her skin is always gorgeous and has that doll like porcelain appearance that most women envy. This beauty actually proved inspiration for one of the most skilled dollmakers in the world. Mr. McKenney is a dollmaker who’s impressed the world with both the quality of his work and his Hollywood connections. He’s one of the best of the best and has worked with people such as Taylor Swift and Grace Jones.

He put that amazing talent to work after being inspired by Doe Deere’s ethereal beauty. This culminated in an amazing doll which captured and reflected Doe Deere’s unique appearance. It was so remarkable that Richard Prince, of the Gagosian Gallery, made a print of the image Doe Deere had posted on her instagram account. Prince removed all of the attribution from the image and sold it for $90,000. Thankfully McKenney took it all with a remarkable level of calmness.

Doe Deere herself handled it in the way one might expect of her. Anyone familiar with her personality knows that she’s typically quite outgoing. So she made a new post with new pictures. And she was sure that McKenney was mentioned quite a bit when doing so in order to help cement just how amazing his work is. Doe Deere herself is no stranger to the process of taking artistic ideals to the world at large. She’s well known as the CEO of the Lime Crime cosmetics company. But many people are unaware of the fact that she also created the main brands that are sold by the company.

Doe Deere’s academic background is centered on fashion. And this gave her a very high measure to judge makeup against. She wanted makeup that could work with someone’s appearance in the same way that the world of high fashion does. And she just didn’t see much evidence that makeup of that style and quality even existed. This began a significant journey for Doe Deere. As with her reaction to the image theft, she’s not one to take any negative situation sitting down. And if the makeup she wanted didn’t exist than she knew she’d have to create it herself. Most people wouldn’t be up to the challenge. But it’s rather obvious that Doe Deere is someone who stands apart from the crowd. As such it shouldn’t surprise anyone that she’d be capable of keeping her level of enthusiasm up.

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