Ex-Swiss Banker Make Baur Developed A Genius Idea And It Is A Game-Changer For Entrepreneurs

The Swiss are known for being precise, on time, and full of life. Switzerland is the land of the Alps, at least three languages, and a banking industry that puts all other banking systems to shame. The Swiss are known for being neutral. The country has never been in a war unless one considers secretive banking a war against paying taxes. Switzerland has many accomplishments to brag about, but the recent news that the 20-year Swiss bonds fell in negative territory is not one of them. But according to former Swiss Banker Mike Baur, the Swiss have something else to be proud of these days. Baur is referring to his two-year-old business venture called the Swiss Startup Factory.

The Swiss Startup Factory is an all-inclusive professional business platform that guides young Swiss entrepreneurs through the rigors of starting a successful business. Baur knows a lot about successful businesses. Mike spent 20 years in the Swiss banking sector after graduating from the University of Rochester. Baur earned an executive MBA from the University of Bern and almost immediately he was offered a job by Clariden Leu. Baur left Clariden Leu and joined the private equity firm, Sallfort where he handled investments for wealthy Swiss and foreign clients. Baur developed a long list of influential clients and a cache of knowledge about the global market and how it operates. Baur decided to use what he learned to help young Swiss entrepreneurs break into the global market armed with the latest business knowledge and contacts.

Baur and his two Swiss Startup Factory partners give students office space, networking contacts, mentoring, coaching and an enormous amount of training in a short period of time. The Swiss Startup Factory has a three-month accelerator program where entrepreneurs have Wi-Fi, an in-house film studio, storage space, conference rooms, a fitness room and intense courses in finance and business administration procedures. Students that complete the course are able to use what they learn to put their creative ideas into play in the local or the global market.

Not every entrepreneur with an ingenious idea in Switzerland needs help, according to Mike Baur, but the Swiss have always had an excessive amount of creativity, and the Swiss Startup Factory brings some of that creativity and business knowledge together under one roof. Baur had an idea, and he turned it into a business that helps other people survive in the global business world.

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