George Soros – Powerfully Generous

George Soros, one of America’s most famous financiers has made an unprecedented donation to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. Soros has a deep faith in Clinton and the Democratic Party and with the threat of her rival Donald Trump, Soros has come back to the forefront of donation with his promise of $25 million to enliven Clinton’s political campaign. Soros is considered by many to be a catalyst for other billionaires to donate handsomely. The political groups on that receive the massive donations from these activists all strengthen the party and help build the campaign’s foundation for Clinton.

Having known Hillary Clinton for more than 25 years, George Soros passionately supports her bid for the Democratic nomination. He feels that this year there are even higher stakes than in a regular Presidential election, because so many of the derisive remarks from Trump are pertaining to the ideas and themes of America that Soros holds most dear, including freedom of religion, immigration reform and social justice. These are personal and visceral passions of his; he has donated more than $13 billion to helping these causes as his activism and philanthropy has stretched across the globe.

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Soros has the personal financial power to influence others. He feels strongly that this can be dangerous and that one person or one group should not be able to have too much political weight as a result of large donations. George Soros is a strong and vocal Clinton supporter and praises her for her openness in discussing key issues with him. In recent years, he has not supported Obama as he has done with Clinton, and this election his donations have soared once again after the lull.

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Soros is a powerful ally for the Democratic party to have. He is strong-minded and determined to forward his agenda for helping others, and with his top pick as the Democratic contender, he is prepared to put his money where his heart is — and to continue to donate to Clinton in order to defeat her rival at all costs. Reference:

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