Lauren Conrad Has Something To Tell You Today

Lauren Conrad has a few strategies she would like to share with people that are seeking a stress-free party:

Her first strategy would be for you to send out catchy invitations. What good is a party if no one is there? The first step to a great party is a great invitation. Whenever Lauren Conrad sends out an invitation, she makes sure the invitation is very catchy. She even hires someone to handle the invitations if she does not think she could get them perfect. The invitation she pictures in her mind is one that is irresistible. She also hates wasting money, so she definitely will not want to waste an invitation. She wants everyone she invites to come to her party.

Lauren’s second strategy would be for you to not worry about the cost. What good is a party if you have to constantly worry about the cost? Lauren Conrad sometimes goes over her budget a bit. However, she believes this is a good thing. She believes her guests will see how much money she spent, and they will know she considers them worth it. Lauren says, despite recent traditions, it’s not always good to be cheap. Often times, though they do not tell you, your guests will feel like they are not worth it.

However, all of this can be avoided if you choose to hire 23 Layers. 23 Layers is a New York based company of event planners that specializes in helping people throw the best party possible. You do not have to worry about making great invitations because they will make them for you. A representative from this company will sit with you and build the invitation of your dreams.

You also do not have to worry about spending much money. 23 Layers have very low prices, and everything is included within their package. This is not just the meal and coffee. This is invitations, table cloths, food, dessert, and even what outfit looks best on you.

They are also willing to work with every customer regardless of their financial situation. This is because they are in business more for people than they are for themselves.

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