Hotel Industry Releases Survey Results

While the hotel real estate market was one of the most affected by the economic downturn in the past, it has continued to come back stronger than ever. This has led to a significant amount of construction, rebranding from one flag to another, and even the development of new chains and brands by major hotel companies.

Similar to many industries, there are major surveys every year that measure what consumers are looking for in their hotel experiences. The major study in the hotel industry is the J.D. Power 2016 North America Hotel Survey, which was recently released. This survey typically finds some very interesting suggestions, which are then often incorporated in hotel advancements across the world. The 2016 survey also had several important findings that will have an impact on the hotel industry.

One key finding is that online and mobile check-in is becoming more popular with consumers. While only three percent of hotel customers used it, the vast majority gave it positive reviews due to the speed of check-in compared to the more traditional model. Several major hotel chains are planning on expanding their mobile check-in capabilities.

The survey also found that some amenities offered were considered more important than others. Similar as in prior years having access to free WiFi is becoming the most important amenity. Other important amenities include free parking and free breakfast.

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