Securus New Product ConnectUs Increases Efficiency

Due to the vast amount of laws and regulations regarding transparency and fairness, correctional facilities and prisons across the country are forced to spend thousands of hours every year filling out a wide range of documents. These documents include many inmate-specific documents including health forms, visitation request forms, grievance forms, and a wide variety of other forms.

While filling out all of this paperwork has long been considered a necessity of the prison system, a growing technology firm has recently started providing a new technology that could save a prison a significant amount of time and money. Securus Technologies has recently released the ConnectUs mobile application that can be used by inmates to automatically create their own paperwork.

ConnectUs application is an automated application that can be used at either a computer, on a tablet, or on another electronic device. An inmate to find a specific paper form that they need, fill out the form in a more efficient manner, and then submit the form can use it. Depending on how the prison would like to proceed, the forms can then be either reviewed by the prison staff or by Securus Technologies. Prisons and correctional facilities that have started using these forms have found that they are saving thousands of man-hours, which can then be used to complete other tasks.

Securus Technologies is based in Dallas, Texas and has been providing a variety of technology products to the prison industry for the past ten years. The company has historically focused on communications and security technology, but has started to release products to also make the prison system more efficient. Products such as ConnectUs are expected to save prisons millions of dollars through reduced man-hours spent on administrative tasks that can now be done more efficiently.

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