The Brainchild of Doe Deere

Doe Deere, was born in Russia and raised in New York City. Since her teenager years, Doe has been committed to honing her expertise in facial cosmetics. Throughout most of her 20s, she worked in various administrative position. All the while she honed her craft. In her late 20s, she judged that she was ready and began Lime Crime in 2008. She started the first face of Lime Crime in 2004 as an eBay company. When coming up with a name for her new company, Deere didn’t give it a lot of thought but gave a name with her favorite color-lime-in it.

As Deere looks back, she says she was too cautious and regrets not starting the company several years before she did. She continues to run things at Lime Crime headquarters and is therefore exceedingly busy. She even works with the chemists under her to create new formulas. And it has always been the case that every formula created is tested on her before going to market. In addition to running her own company, Deere is very active in encouraging other women to start and run their own companies. To this end, she often mentors and advises young businesswomen who are just getting started.

Lime Crime is online based and Deere says her business will stay this way in the face of the fact that consumers are more and more favoring e-commerce above brick-and-mortar shopping. Lime Crime is actually a pioneer in e-commerce. It was one of the first companies to focus almost entirely on e-commerce. Before that time, e-commerce was an alternate platform of some companies. In the beginning, critics told Deere her e-commerce idea would not work for a cosmetics company because customers prefer to go somewhere to try it on before they buy it.

She said if marketed right, this should not matter. She has proven her critics very wrong and herself very right. One of her most innovative online marketing techniques is to show lipstick while it is one the lips rather than just one white paper. This has proved to be an incredibly effective marketing technique that is used by nearly every online cosmetics company today. This is just one of her marketing techniques. She has many and their all very effective. And she continues to invent more. It helps that she has an intuitive brilliance about knowing exactly what customers want.

She gives a lot of her success for her intuitive instincts. She also credits that current success of Lime Crime with having an outstanding customer service team. But she sees every employee under her as being an imperative key to what drives the company upward and onward. Lime Crime has been blessed to have a relatively smooth ride. About its only trying time came in 2014 when its site was hacked and lots of their confidential customer information was stolen. Although they got the problems resolved, they are still trying to completely regain customer confidence. But Deere still sees the hacking as a blessing in disguise. It helped them recognize their up to that time weakness in security and customer service.

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