Maduro’s Crackdown On The Opposition Intensified After The Successful “Taking Of Caracas” Rally According To Deputy José Manuel González

More than 60 opposition leaders were arrested after the “Taking of Caracas rally, recently. President Nicolas Maduro is starting to feel the walls of Venezuela closing in on him. His reign of socialism is in its final chapter, according to the former president of the Chamber of Commerce, and a current deputy of the National Assembly, José Manuel González. González has been trying to get Maduro to see the folly of his policies for months, but the former bus driver and protégé of Hugo Chavez wants to run the country his way. His way, according to Manuel, is to starve, humiliate, and imprison the people. Maduro’s reign of terror could be coming to an end, and millions of Venezuelans say that end can’t come soon enough.

José Manuel González is also one of the agriculture entrepreneurs that warn the government that the farms in his state were not producing enough corn and grain to feed the people. The reason for the shortage was Maduro’s policy of seizing farms, and then letting them sit dormant while the government imported food from other countries. Importing food was fine when the country was swimming in cash thanks to oil exports, but now that oil prices have turned the tide against oil-rich Venezuela, there is no money to import. In fact, there’s no money for anything. The country is broke, and Maduro claims it’s not his fault. But González and the democratic opposition know the real story. Chavez and his protégé have turned Venezuela into a third world country again.

The country needs new leadership that supports domestic food production and domestic businesses, according to González. Mr. González is running for governor in the state of Guárico, so he can get domestic farms back in the food production business. González has tried to get Maduro’s government to change, but the only way for Venezuela to come back from the devastation caused by Maduro’s economic policies is to remove him from office. There are enough signatures on the national petition to make that happen, and the recent rally confirmed that initiative. But Maduro isn’t going to go away without a fight, so things could get worse before they get better, according to Mr. González.

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