Malini Saba Proves That Females Are Great Investors and Philanthropists

Malini Saba is the founder and chairman of the company Saban. The company invests in the Gas and Oil industries of China, the Australian and the India Real Estate Market and the United States various fields of technology.


Malini Saba has made outstanding strides in her investment career that began in the 1990’s. She became a venture capitalist in Silicon Valley. Her expertise and experience investing in twenty plus companies became clear when she chose her next financial vehicles. The popular PayPal, Netscreen Technologies and Sycamore Networks and these companies were sold with price tags in the billions.


How Malini Saba Helps Women Globally

She launched a nonprofit organization in 2001 called ‘Stree” Global Investments In Women. Women with children and low incomes can receive help with their legal affairs and have the opportunity to reliable healthcare.

She created a framework where women can get together to exchange ideas and discuss public policy with Eastern Europe, Central America, Africa, and India.


Her design and development of Stree is her way of helping children in developing countries to have a safe haven to live and gain the education they need with accessible healthcare. Malini accomplishes these feats through her philanthropic support for the orphanages. She wants the children to realize that they will have a productive future. She believes that the peoples’ Human Rights should be upheld in Sri Lanka, India and Malaysia.


Malini Saba the Philanthropist

The El Camino Hospital in Mountain View, California has been honored with the first Heart Research Center for South Asians. Malini gave $1 million to get the program started in 2005.

The Tsunami hit and tore apart areas in Sri Lanka and India she pledged $10 million to help the people and the Island.


Malini Sabas’ husband was a student at Stanford University, she could attend the classes for finance and investments for free. She decided the financial road was where she wanted to learn and sharpen her financial skills.


Malini Saba started out from a humble lifestyle, studied her chosen field and became a success story. That’s what she wants for the women around the world, to embrace their strengths and to learn and use their knowledge to propel themselves into a better lifestyle. She has made her life an open book and is living proof that women can move mountains and work in any male dominated field and become a success. Malini Saba continues to use her determination, drive, knowledge, and plans strategic financial moves for investments and her philanthropy ventures.

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