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Our favorite Forbes top four-hundred rankings lists has competition; the Today Inc. magazine rivals the big monster publisher. Today Inc. magazine publishes its 500 fastest-growing private companies list. Ranked number 339 was a new up-shot company called Status Labs. Having a growth rate of 1,099% between 2012 and 2015 made it a company to watch with binoculars. That’s like a thousand percent increase; the company would have to have grown like a rocket. Status Labs is a public relations and digital reputation management firm. It must be obvious that Status Labs is innovative, since it is dealing with a whole new landscape of technology, the internet.


As the internet changes, the landscape of how society functions changes, the internet is faster, HD, and immediate. Those changes create controversy, and misuse. A disparaging crisis that hits front-and-center is videographing—the process of capturing video on electronic devices, such as cellphones and other minimal recording devices. It can also be instant streaming media. In a lot of cases, this high tech media videotaping is a marvelous tool, we love to see cute animal antics, and toddlers playfully toppling over.


However, the crisis lies in the fact that other instances, innocent people get captured on video, uploaded to the internet, and there the video remains, innocent people’s images on the tape, for an indefinitely period of time. Consequently, when this situation arises, who you going to call? Status Labs the mediabusters of course, Status Labs is the online reputation management firm. This company is helping hundreds of innocent people balance unflattering media coverage by managing the positive with the negative.


Darius Fisher is Status Labs’ President and Chief Executive Officer; he is dynamic in his desire to offer new digital services for the benefit of his contemporary client. He wants better market position, and a global service to tender to the lists of the fab Forbes top moguls. His aim is not off-the-mark, because the demand is great, and ever increasing. Darius Fisher says he had a hiring blitz to meet demand, and his optimism for the company is high. Status Labs is in good company with the other new independent entrepreneurial ventures like Yelp, Pandora, and, Zillow.

Visit Status Labs on their Facebook page to learn more.

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