Talk Fusion Wins Industry Awards and Recognition

It’s rather self apparent that most companies appreciate public awareness. But there’s something to be said about recognition from within a particular industry. When a company’s peers recognize their accomplishments than it really shows just how significant those feats really are. This is one of the reasons why so many people within the communication sector were keeping a close eye on the 2016 Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award. The award, from the Technology Marketing Corporation, is given out every year to recognize significant achievements within the industry. And this year a company received it as their second recent moment of industry recognition. The company is called Talk Fusion, and there’ good reason why it’s been receiving so much attention this year.


The basic idea behind Talk Fusion can be guessed from the name. At a very fundamental level, Talk Fusion is involved with melding together various forms of multimedia into a singular whole. It’s a concise way of stating their overall mission. But there’s a lot more to be said about why their methodology is so deserving of special recognition.


Talk Fusion is aiming to recapture the earlier magic of the telecommunications industry. One need not look back all that far to see an age where phones were almost magical. They were obviously quite simple in comparison to modern smart phones. But what they could do was amazing. They could connect people together with no requirements other than another phone. If someone had a phone, and it was working, than they’d have full interoperability with any other phone. That’s pretty far from how things work these days. Every phone and mobile operating system manufacturer is trying to put their own spin on things. And it’s usually incompatible with their competitors.


Talk Fusion is working to regain that previous and nearly magical compatibility. They’ve created a telecommunications framework that can work on almost any smartphone, tablet, or similar device. Video chat and of course audio are a given. But Talk Fusion is taking things to the next level by also working to create pre-recorded systems for delayed messages. All of this can work for individuals, or for companies who want to integrate it into their marketing plants.

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