How Cone Marshall Is Transforming The Tax And Estate Litigation Process

Cone Marshall was founded in 1999 as the only law firm in New Zealand to offer estate and tax litigation support to clients from across the country and overseas. Through the specialization the firm has advanced, it has earned a reputation for offering fast and high quality services that have helped clients from different countries to access legal support that has allowed them to get solutions to estate and tax problems.


To make the process of serving clients fast and reliable, Cone Marshall has embraced modern technological systems that have been useful in managing how clients order and receive services through the firm. They have a remote ordering system that makes it possible for clients to submit their files digitally without necessarily having to travel to the main offices of the firm. These changes have occurred in a span of less than 10 years and it is during this period that Cone Marshall has seen an increase in the number of new clients from overseas markets.


With the new technology installed, it is becoming easier to resolve cases and the staff team of the firm has ensured cases are concluded in time to allow clients sufficient time to review the solutions offered. This is not forgetting the accuracy and quality that has come with the installation of technological features.


Additionally, Cone Marshall has adopted an educational system that exposes its members to new information in the industry. They are able to access facts about different countries and the kind of legal procedures applicable, so clients who come with cases from foreign counties can access support easily.


The leadership team

The leadership team that has steered Cone Marshall to its glory is led by professionals who have been in the industry for more than 20 years. Karen Marshall, a highly regarded professional in the company, is among professionals who have come up with procedures that have helped the firm to move from a basic unit to the current internationally recognized entity it is.


She has a wide experience working as a commercial litigation expert and her presence at Cone Marshall allows the firm to implement complex projects that have brought about massive changes. Most importantly, Cone Marshall has enjoyed the privilege of having professionals like George Cone, a professional who has overseen the growth of the firm since inception in 1999. Geoffrey is a tax and estate expert and has been working as a lawyer since 1980.



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